Quality Assured Training

In today's global market, companies are relying more on training services and  elearning courses for quality process, auditing and assurance training in order to sustain compliance and company guidelines.

Quality Assurance (QA) training is an essential collective that covers  matters arising from the factors that might individually or collectively manipulate the quality and delivery of a product or service or the general effect on the environment.

Quality assurance is implemented with the intention that requirements for a service or product or a set of goals are fulfilled.. This includes checking the product against an already set out level of standard, systematic measurement and checking of processes and error prevention mechanisms. QA does not only check quality but also enhances the reputation of the company.

Quality assurance and auditing generally comprises of four phases and these are covered in almost all of our QA and auditing training courses - despite the subject matter being vast. These phases are continued as repeated process in loops to maintain quality. These include:

Plan:  Plan the process according to an organisations goals and determine those processes that would be needed to deliver a top quality product

Do:  Build the process with stakeholders, test and change the process as is necessary

Check:  monitor, modify and check all the processes in a live environment so that they meet predetermined objectives.

Act: implement necessary actions to processes that have been checked to ensure improvements in process and ultimately in end product.

XYZ Training Group has both classroom courses tailored to a specific company need and open training courses for general topics. We also provide eLearning QA courses via our sister site eLearning.co.uk. Whatever your Quality Assurance or Audit training need, we have specialists on hand to help. Call us now on the number above for more information.